Our founder, Christopher Cook, has been a serious student of self-defense since 2010, and a teacher of shooting performance and personal protection since 2018. With over 700 hours of professional firearms training taken and over 1,000 students trained, Chris is passionate about providing the most relevant, realistic, and vetted information possible to help you protect what matters most.

Instructor Certifications:

  • NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor
  • Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor
  • US Concealed Carry Association Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor

Chris’ Training Resume

US Training CenterCarbine Operator
M3 StrategiesIntermediate Handgun
Haley Strategic PartnersD3: Handgun/Vehicle/Darkness
The Patriot NurseMedical Prep 101/201
ShivworksExtreme Close Quarter Concepts (x2)
Dark Angel MedicalTactical Aid Course
Aprill Risk ConsultingUnthinkable (x2)
Centrifuge TrainingLow Light Handgun (x2)
ShivworksEdged Weapons Overview
Mountain Guerrilla TrainingGrid-Down Medical Care
Mountain Guerrilla TrainingClandestine Carry Pistol
AMO Star CenterMSC Small Arms Course
Military Sealift Command East Training SchoolMSC Security Reaction Force
Immediate Action CombativesImmediate Action Combatives
Lone Star MedicsTac Med EDC
Lone Star MedicsRange Response
Knife Control ConceptsKnife Control Concepts Course
ShivworksVehicle Combatives and Shooting Tactics
ShivworksArmed Movement in Structures

What People Say

I took my CFP class at TNT with Christopher Cook.  The man taught a stellar class, was well informed and conveyed the information in a clear manner.  Informative, kept it interesting, and some humor thrown in as well always helps.  I would certainly recommend Chris to anyone looking to get their CCW.”

Brian R.

“You know what’s intimidating? Wanting to learn how to shoot with ZERO experience. Do you know what’s also intimidating? Being a single female who lives alone. Being confident and self-sufficient is something I pride myself on, but one of the many things 2020 taught me is that life is anything but predictable. I’ve now taken 3 private lessons and my concealed carry course all with Chris Cook. Not only is Chris extremely knowledgeable, but he’s also incredibly passionate. He’s been able to take something that was foreign and scary to me and made me feel educated, safe, confident, and of course, made it a s*** ton of fun! So if you’re looking for someone to teach you from the ground up (like me) or just looking to perfect what’s already good, take some time and reach out to him! Thank you, Chris. I’m so grateful for your time and patience.”

Abbey O.

“Me and my sister took a gun class from Christopher Cook. It was wonderful. Highly recommend. Very nice guy. Answered all of our questions and taught the class well step by step. I feel much more comfortable with a gun now.”

Holly H.

Chris Cook was the best! Truly a guy that loves what he’s doing. He was the instructor for the Concealed Firearms Permit training! Thank you! Highly recommend!”

Jojo K.

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