EDC Performance Expo

Pistol Performance is a six-hour course which builds the skills and tactics necessary to win in a lethal encounter. Using modern data on self-defense incidents, we will cover the highest percentile skills to give the student the highest advantage possible.



Odyssey will be teaching at The EDC Performance Expo in March 2023! This is an event specifically tailored for the concealed carrier. Course blocks will be taught by Advent Training, Odyssey Training And Consulting as well as Tactical Cowboy Training Solutions. Students will train with each of these instructors to get a holistic approach to conceal carrying.

Registration/details HERE: www.adventtraining.org


Length: 10 hours

Start Time: 8:00 AM

Location: Farm Training Center; Fairfield, Utah.



Draw To First Shot

Although being the first to get a shot off doesn’t guarantee a victory, it can give enough of an advantage to save your life or those you love. In this block of instruction we will cover the importance of a fast draw, methods for increasing draw efficiency, gear placement for advantageous concealment and access; and attire considerations.

Concealed Carbine Diagnostics

During this 3 hours we will focus on the “when, why, where, and how” to conceal a carbine. This includes but is not limited to various methods of concealment, how to make this happen with different styles of weapon systems, caliber choices, rapid employment considerations, and examples of when a concealed carbine has been used successfully for self defense. Expect to find out what gear works best for you, how quickly you can employ your weapon, and have a strategy to carry a carbine with you on a daily basis.

Intro to Vehicle Defense

Intro to Vehicle Defense covers the essential skills to protect ourselves using vehicles as cover and concealment. We have a high likelihood of being assaulted near vehicles, and we explore best practices to maximize our protection while shooting through and around vehicles. We will cover common vehicle myths, and students will be equipped with a gameplan to offer the highest chance of success in a vehicle gunfight.


More details and registration on the Advent Training site: www.adventtraining.org

Additional information

Gear List

-A reliable pistol chambered in a common caliber (9mm, .45 ACP, etc.)
-Belt-mounted holster, ideally made of Kydex. Spare holsters will be available for a rental fee if needed
-At least 3 magazines (if your mags hold less than 10 rounds, bring at least 5 magazines)
-400 rounds of ammunition
-2 spare magazine pouches
-Eye and ear protection
-Note-taking materials
-Water and snacks
-Good outdoor clothing and boots
-knee pads


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