Pistol Foundations


Pistol Foundations is a four-hour course designed to provide the student with the critical skills for carrying and using a pistol in the context of self-defense.

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Pistol Foundations is a four-hour course designed to provide you with the core skills for operating a pistol in self-defense. Whether you have never fired a gun before, or have simply never had formal training, this class will give you the essential concepts that we can build upon in future courses. The course covers the below topics:

– Firearms Safety

– Firearms Operation

– Fundamentals of Marksmanship

– Ready Positions

– Drawing from a Holster

– How to Increase Your Speed

– Decision-Making Under Stress

– Equipment Setup

Classes are held at The Farm Training Center in Fairfield, UT. Please check your class start time and arrive 15 minutes early to prepare your gear.

Additional information

Gear List

-A reliable pistol chambered in a common caliber (9mm, .45 ACP, etc.)
-Belt-mounted holster, ideally made of Kydex. Spare holsters will be available for a rental fee if needed
-At least 3 magazines (if your mags hold less than 10 rounds, bring at least 5 magazines)
-200 rounds of ammunition
-Eye and ear protection
-Note-taking materials
-Water and snacks
-Good outdoor clothing and boots


August 26 8:30-12:30pm, September 23 9am-1pm, October 21 9am-1pm, November 18 9am-1pm


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