We believe in an interdisciplinary approach to personal protection. We need to be skilled in verbal de-escalation, pistol skills, unarmed combatives, and more. Join the Odyssey and equip yourself with the skills necessary to prevail through dangerous times.


Intro to Knife Defense

Intro to Knife Defense is a two-hour course covering how edged weapons are used during violent assaults and how to use a knife in self-defense. The course covers the following topics:

  • Outlining common knife assault concepts
  • Managing an attacker with a knife
  • Integrating a knife into your self defense plan
  • How to use a knife in self defense

Note: The class is mildly athletic, and drills are tailored for your abilities and fitness level. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in. We will be using inert foam knives and will be partnering up to practice the drills at a slow to moderate pace.

Home Defense Planning

Home Defense Planning is a two-hour course designed to outline common threats to us while in our home. Driven by modern data on burglaries, home invasions, and criminal tactics, the course will equip you to defend your castle from a wide variety of dangers. The course covers the following topics:

  • Crime data for your area
  • Common tactics to gain entry to your home
  • Using deterrence to prevent attacks on your home
  • Developing a Home Security Plan with your family
  • Introduction to shooting tactics in structures

Situational Awareness Concepts

Situational Awareness Concepts is a two-hour course covering the concepts that prevent and deter violent assaults. Often we can win the fight before it ever begins, and we want to set ourselves up for success if we are approached by a stranger with unknown intent. This course covers the following topics:

  • Defining Common Types of Assault
  • Situational and Personal Awareness
  • Managing an Unknown Contact
  • Verbal Deescalation
  • Proactive Striking to Prevent Assault
  • Escape and Defense Options

Note: This course is interactive and concepts will be drilled with training partners. Please wear comfortable footwear and loose clothing you can move in. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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